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Changing Lives by Planting Positivity in Harrogate

Change your way of thinking with my Planting Positivity workshops. Based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, I devised this course after talking with friends about how positive thinking has worked for me. Available as six weekly courses or as a one- or two-day course, Planting Positivity will open your mind to new possibilities and help you get your life back on track.

7 Steps to Planting Positivity

  • Planting Positivity – Getting Started, What Is Positivity?

  • Watering Positivity – Strategies to Increase Positivity

  • Growing Positivity – Habits and Strategies to Develop Positivity

  • Sustaining Positivity – Techniques to Develop Lasting Positivity

  • Pruning Positivity – Cutting out the Negative Thoughts and People

  • Weeding Positivity – Identifying the Limiting Beliefs, Fears, and Doubts That Hold You Back

  • Blooming Positivity – The Final Stage in Mastering Your Thoughts and Your Life, So You Are Free to Bloom

Your Personal Life Coach

Life coaching is about facilitating as you learn new approaches and strategies that will help you be the person you long to be. I can be hired for support as you achieve personal and professional success. I offer Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum services that can match your budget. A variety of support methods are available including calls, emails, or face-to-face meetings, depending on which level you choose.

Pro-Bono Work

Sometimes I do not even charge for life coaching if there's an energy that takes place or a deep sense of charity. My gift allows me to help people in dire straits who are on the verge of giving up. I can always be paid in other ways, at other times by other people. But for most workshops and for all corporate workshops I do charge for my services.

Workshops All Weekend

In the future, I dream of running a transformational retreat for the full weekend, where we will all paint, dance, sing, meditate and explore colour together. On the afternoon of the first day, I'll give an ArtsSpa workshop and have yoga sessions in the morning and evening, as well as Planting Positivity throughout the weekend. This means you could take the entire course, normally done over six workshops, on one weekend. People can go back to their old lives feeling energised to start transforming their reality.

Further Reading

For more information on planting the seeds of positivity, check out my book on Amazon.

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