About Jenni Eden Artist

As the owner of Jenni Eden Artist in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, I am a visual artist, qualified yoga instructor with over 25 years’ experience and creator of Planting Positivity Life Coaching workshops. My main focus is helping others live their lives with vibrant health and a sense of positive well-being, that is self-generated and so never-ending.

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My Personal Art History

Since I started painting in 2003, my popularity has soared with clients from different backgrounds around the world. At one point, I had an 18-month waiting list for portraits. Then I began to paint images of camels and quickly had a waiting list for those paintings, too!

After ten years, I stopped taking commissions and took a break. Now my artwork is sold across the globe from Canada and New Zealand to Ireland and the United States.

I have a great day every day by having coping mechanisms in place. I can quickly identify the negative thoughts I am prone to and adjust them, reframe or release them, so I can maintain a more positive vibration. This has resulted in my own healing physically, mentally and energetically. I pass the mechanisms, techniques and strategies, on to others, so they too can heal and live vibrant lives.


The Path to Art

Starting out as a primary school teacher, I helped children learn, my main emphasis was on developing self-esteem and independence. Now, I love guiding all kinds of people to improve their lives and I honestly derive immense pleasure from it. With my art and life coaching, I want to inspire people to develop gratitude, to be proactive in their thinking, so they can identify thoughts that help and thoughts that hinder their development. I want to inspire people to follow their dreams because this is their internal guidance system working for them, so they can take their rightful place firmly and proudly on this earth and unapologetically declare "This is me!

A Taste for Variety

My art features a variety of styles because I have never limited myself to one form of expression. I embrace the eclectic side of my personality. For many years, I was made to feel it was wrong to have variety: As they say, "Jack of all trades, master of none." I never could keep to one style of writing, one colour, or one mode of expression. When I was younger, I was passionate about being a dancer, a singer, an actor or an artist, different moods meant, different days I would have one aspect take precedence.

Embracing It All

When I decided to embrace the different passions of mine, I found that what happened was a coming together, a convergence where I could use my art to paint a dancer whilst singing and dancing my head off around the canvas, all while fully expressing my love of colour. Part of the day I could teach children drama and use my evenings to sing in a band. I could do it all!

Changing Lives

I have actually changed the lives of people I have worked with. For example, one day an acquaintance of mine came to me and asked me to talk to a friend of hers. I was very busy with numerous projects, but she was very desperate and so So I met her friend for a couple of hours and gave her my book: How To Plant Positivity to Sow Seeds for Success to take away and read. 8 months later I heard from her again; she had turned her life around and was living in a different country, following her dream, she was so much happier.  These stories are so rewarding for me because they show me that when people are showing the right strategies and given the right tools, they can become the master of their own life ship and steer it in their chosen direction.

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